Book of the month – Letters to a young scientist

Happy July everyone! As announced a couple of days ago, today we will start our monthly tip for books worth reading. I hope you’ll stay with me throughout this journey.

I decided to start with an inspiring and motivating book, written by Edward Wilson: “Letters to a young scientist”.

Edward Wilson is a renowned entomologist, a scientist who studies ants. The book is an easy read: it is divided into small letters, each one of them covering a different topic that are, in the author’s opinion, important steps to go through your journey of becoming an acclaimed scientist.

I am not a scientist and it is not a career I am personally pursuing, however, the book is still highly recommendable to everyone interested in similar topics.

First of all, do you know how cool ants are? Well, unless you are an entomologist yourself, you probably don’t, or maybe you don’t know well enough. Between personal experience and general tips, the author inserted interesting anecdotes and funny stories about this very important insect. So, while reading motivational letters, you will also get to learn a lot about ants and the role they play in different ecosystems.

The book tells the story of a middle class, very eccentric boy from Alabama with a twisted passion and relation with snakes (I say twisted because someone who enjoys getting bitten by a snake it has to be a little mad) that soon made the intelligent decision of dedicating his professional life to ants. 

You will find important tips on how to face difficult subjects, such as maths and everything related to it, how to deal with academics belonging to a different field, the importance of observation and imagination which play an important part in every scientific breakthrough.

Sadly, it won’t make you a scientist: Wilson never stops insisting on the importance of the hard work. It seems like a long-told story, however, in a period where the Internet is full of people trying to sell you easy and fast ways to make money, it’s a good reminder that if you aspire of achieving something more in your life you have to keep your foot on the ground, cultivate your passions, and work hard.

For those of you struggling between science and religion, Wilson provides an intelligent interpretation of the topic, explaining how both paths can be sought after while maintaining a professional and spiritual balance.

Did you read this book? Let us know in the comment and don’t forget to stay Green!

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