Last week summary

Week  5 -12/07/2020

The Guardian’s report on the UK bee’s population and some of its particularly endangered species: this time, our attention is focused on one nomadic species of bee, the six-banned bee. It is believed that this species, who heavily relies on the healthiness of another one, the long-horned bee, is endangered because of the clearing land of wildflowers they both feed on. The article sums up some of the wildflower conservation projects across the UK.

Read the article -> Link.

Are fishes responding to climate change? The study conducted by  Flemming Dahlke, a marine biologist with the Alfred Wegener Institute at Bremerhaven, has tried to prove that.

Apparently, increasing temperature of the oceans affects adults fishes, which seems to be more susceptible to the heat than during their larvae status. And so, fishes outside mating season are not able to manage temperature above 10 degrees while their mating counterparts suffer the stress of it.

Read the article -> Link.

Ever wondered what is the impact of the beef imported to your country? Take a look at the article from the Ecologist, showing another case study of how beef imported in the UK affects deforestation.

Read the article -> Link.

How often do you change your smartphone? Does it really get recycled? A new study about e-waste, one of the emerging trending issue in terms of household waste, has been published on The Conversation.

Read the article -> Link.

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