Last week summary

Week 13 – 19 July 2020

In one post we talked about the impact of our diet on the environment. The Guardian explored the implications that our choices at the supermarket checkout have on the Planet, with focus on some in particular.

Read the article -> Link.

The Big Butterfly count has started in the UK! In its 10th edition, people across the country are encouraged to take part in this national survey aimed at assessing the butterfly population. From 17th of July until 9th of August, you can download the app, choose a spot and observe for 15 minutes, then record the species of butterfly and moths you saw in the app.

Check the website -> Link.

Climatenewsnetwork examined the situation in South Korea, “one of the most dynamic economies” in the world after the democratic President Moon Jae-in announced a Green New Deal earlier this year upon election. The article presents the goals of his presidency while showing how China, on that side of the world, by keeping investing in coal-fired projects overseas.

Read the article -> Link.

Carbonbrief has presented a study about the recent heatwave and fires in Siberia. It was easy to expect, but once again the study concluded that the fires in the Arctic region were another result of man-made climate change, with a ratio of growth 600 fold. 

Read the article -> Link.

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