Last week summary

Week 20 – 26 July 2020

Apple has come forward and hit the headlines of many newspaper by claiming its carbon neutrality by 2030. In another post, we analyzed how the UN nations were performing with their 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, and here a silicon valley’s giant has made its move. Apple claim that will build more efficient devices that last longer, recycle every part of them, switch to renewable energy sources and much more. Will they lead the environmental future, as well as the technological one? Are they somehow connected?

Read the article -> Link.

Did you need another reason to be concerned about your carbon footprint? Researchers have confirmed divers’ found from 2011 in Antarctica, a sea-bed methane leak. Methane is a greenhouse gas 28 times stronger than carbon dioxide and any leak into our atmosphere has to be considered threatening. Bear in mind that Antarctica is a very uncomfortable region of our Planet and as of today it remains widely unexplored. Could there be more leaks out there?

Read the article -> Link.

How can museums plan for the future, in order to be more attractive to a generation that is decreasingly attracted by it and be more sustainable? Chief Executive of Horniman Museums and Gardens Nick Merriman explored the topic in the Ecologist.

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A new study has been conducted on the polar bears food supply, very much impacted also by the ice surface in Poles, increasingly reducing as a consequence of climate change. With this new model, the animal is likely to see its condition reduced to a no-return point by the beginning of next century. Are we still on time to prevent this? Are our effort enough?

Read the article -> Link.

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