Last week summary

3 – 9 August

People across UK are enjoying plenty of sunlight and great weather. They are reversing into parks and seaside locations to make the most out of this COVID-19 summer. However, it is strictly important that people understand that they need to take their litter home, as claimed by district councils on this article by the Guardian.

Read the article -> Link.

The parched lands of Rajasthan, in India, has finally saw an end on the drought of their rivers. This goal was accomplished by the local community, by imitating the ecosystem management techniques of the beavers. Now they face some hostility with the local government, example of when the needs of the public and the politicians are crossing their path.

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In another post, we talked about how we were complying with the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. A new study has found that, if we decide to invest in a Green Recovery for our economy after the global pandemic, we could benefit from an additional 0.3 ℃ decrease in global temperature by 2050.

Read the article -> Link.

The Republic of Congo managed to pass a new law to reinforce existing policies for the management of its tropical forest, hotspot of biodiversity in the green belt of Africa. The code of changes was developed during the past eight years in partnership with ClientEarth in order to propose new forest management practice that do not interfere with the lives of the many indigenous tribes living in the forest.

Read the article -> Link.

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