Last week summary

10 – 16 August

Warm weather, as well as thunderstorms, has brought large groups of jellyfish near the British coasts. There have been many sights all over the country and in Ireland. The reason why this year they seem to be more abundant could be related to the increased number of plankton on which they feed on. Also, it could be that we are getting more reports from people this year because of furlough and local holidays. Different opinions and species are analyzed in The Guardian’s article of this good year for jellyfish.

Read the article -> Link.

It’s almost time: on the 1st of January 2021, the United Kingdom will cease to be part of the European Union, meaning that they will not longer be bound to EU laws and subject to the EU court of Justice, as well as leaving the Common Agricultural Policy and the Common Fisheries Policy. Brexit was presented and proposed for making the UK better, not worse, and so in 2018 Greener UK has made 4 benchmarks to evaluate a Green Brexit.

Read the article -> Link.

Greenpeace has conducted an investigation and came to the conclusion that in the first six months of 2020 intensive fishing vessels “have spent 5,590 hours fishing in marine protected areas in UK waters”. None of the vessels is UK-owned and Greenpeace is calling on the ban of these 100m long supertrawlers, capable of carrying thousands of tonnes of fish, from protected marine areas.

Read the article -> Link.

I would link to conclude with a controversial article about how plastic could lead to a sustainable future. In another post, we talked about the benefits and potential of Polyethylene over virgin paper. In this article it is explained from a theoretic point of view the advantages of all the polymers, 100% recyclable, and what is the real problem with plastic.

Read the article ->Link.

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