We will all end up there, but…

Hello everyone.

Week after week, this unusual summer is slowly coming to an end. Many of you will soon start to plan the next move, whether is work or studies.The future is always uncertain, but nowadays even more. And I don’t say it because of the health emergency, I say it because of the planet crisis.

The ones who are more sensitive towards our planet know what I am talking about. They’ve come to coexist with the daily anxiety, that feeling that makes you think: “what’s the point, it’s not gonna work, we’re doomed already”.

Nobody can say if we’re lost, but we can say we’re survivors. Planning the future is a good start, but bear in mind that even the smallest obstacle could jeopardise your dreams.
On the other hand, the past always gives me that feeling of strength and optimism, very much needed lately. It has been half a year since the radio does not spend a day without updating the number of deaths for covid: sincere condolences to everyone who was and will be affected, but since the beginning of our species, like or not, we’ve always died. And that’s a very important set of data: among the billions of people who walked on this soil, they all died.

In terms of human life expectancy, we could say that the Earth is immortal, even though our dependency by the sun gives in return approximately 5 billion years left. But what is important is what we leave behind.

When our continent shifts, they bring along earthquakes, destruction, coastal erosion. In return, century after century, we forget the troubled and shaking past, and we get to enjoy beauties such as this that I am happy to share with you.

Lulworth Cove, Dorset, UK. Pic by Gianluca Di Marco

We will all die, unfortunately, let’s make sure then we live responsibly, happy and free.

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