Last week summary

17 – 23 August

As a result of COVID-19, the Earth’s Overshoot Day was postponed by 3 weeks this year, 22nd of August compared to the 29th of July last year. This is the day where we consume all the resources that our Planet is able to regenerate in a year, an important indicator of sustainability (or UNsustainability).

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There is a direct link between climate change and global hunger. Global crops could suffer in reduction and spreading of disease if our climate was to get warmer than today. Not only, the expected increase in natural disasters, such as drought and flood, will definitely affect our food production and the most vulnerable areas of the planet where we already experience shorts of food supply.

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A study recently published on “Science” has explored the direct interdependence between racism and the natural ecosystem. In the US, wealthier neighbourhoods have access to more green areas and subsequently, they enjoy higher level of biodiversity. On the other hand, degraded areas with a higher concentration of ethnic minority in population experience higher level of air pollution, resulting in something described as “environmental injustice”.

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Environment Land Management (ELM) will play a vital role in assessing the future of UK sustainability. The ELM scheme is an important player for the future of our land and nature, but at the current state of things, it will need to address four major missing criteria, to keep the pace of changes in a post-COVID world.

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