Last week summary

24 – 30 August

The loss of biodiversity could increase the risk of epidemic transmission from animals to human. It is what has been found by a study of biologists that it will go public next month in New York at a UN summit on biodiversity. In our times extremely affected by a pandemic disease the most important thing after preventing and defying this disease is to prevent new ones in the future.

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To meet our target of net zero emissions by 2050, as well as reducing emissions, we should improve our carbon sequestration’s techniques. Rather than investing in complicated, energy-intensive and expensive technologies, what about letting peat do the job for us? The Falkland Islands are an example of a net zero environment, or at least it used to be.

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An unexptected consequences of climate change is that the geography of our climate is changing. And I do not mean the transformation of the natural landscape, rather the artificial landscape. It seems that, as the oceans are getting warmer and so affecting microclimates, the equator is unevenly expanding, both north and south.

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A milestone victory has been ruled in court by a judge in New York against Trump’s administration that has been trying to undermine the the Migratory Bird Treaty Act. After the laws on car emissions and withdrawing for the Paris Climate Agreement, the Tycoon and his entourage of criminals were unable to win a battle in favour of oil company and against our Planet. In your face!

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