Book of the month – How bad are bananas?

Happy September everyone! Our monthly appointment with the “Book of the month” comes back today.
This month the book I would like to propose is How bad are bananas? – The carbon footprint of everything, by Mike Berners-Lee.

Ever since I decided to start this website I always wanted to propose to the readers verified contents and this book has helped a lot. In times when information is accessible to everyone, we must always question and be ready to check every single line. When talking about the environment and more, in particular, carbon footprint, it is always good to back up our stories with peer-reviewed data: this is the best tool we could have, at least in my opinion.

The book is very fast to read and, as the author suggests in the introduction, there is no exact way of reading it: you can just look for particular sections of interest, read it from the beginning to the end, as you wish. The book is divided into sections, each one of them grouping certain activities or goods with similar carbon emissions.

The intriguing part is the goal that Berners-Lee explains at the beginning: he assumes that, in a sustainable future, the indirect emissions of any of us should not exceed 10 tonnes of CO2e per year. And then it starts an endless lists of activities, production systems, goods and their related emissions. In this way, anyone reading the book can have a rough estimate of their yearly emissions and the work out where to improve.

I see reading as the sport of mind: like any other sport, there’s no reason playing it if you are not enjoying it. Think about the words we use for it: we don’t “perform” sports, we play them, so it is important to keep this playful approach. And so it is reading: when reading a book that could reveal some wrong behavoiurs of us it is important not to let yourself down. We read and study for passion and until you don’t get information about a certain topic you will never know what you’re doing wrong.

Do you like asparagus? Is a solar panel the right choice for your house? What’s the environmental impact of a war? Dig into the book and find out!

Get the book on Amazon (but consider buying it locally)

How Bad are Bananas?: The Carbon Footprint of Everything

Get the book on eBay (but consider buying it locally)

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