4 environmental reasons why Donald Trump should not get the Nobel Peace Prize

My morning routine is pretty much the same as any other pothead you might know. You wake up, postpone the alarm and then you’re late for everything you set that alarm for the evening before. Business as usual they’d say.

But not today: today I nearly choked on my morning coffee while waiting for the combination of a hot drink and a cigarette to do its magic: the Norwegian parliamentarian Christian Tibryng Gyedde has nominated (for the 3rd year in a row!) the US President Donald Trump for the 2021 Nobel Peace Prize. The nomination was endorsed because of the President work in the Israel-United Arab Emirates peace conflict.

Pic from CNN.com

As always, let’s not forget that this website is not about politics: any political action of Donald Trump will not be discussed in the following article.

But I guess it is time to refresh some Norwegian (but not only) minds on why Donald Trump should not get the Nobel Peace Prize. Here are the 5 environmental reasons why Donald Trump should not win the Nobel Peace Prize.

Retrofront on environmental policies

The previous US administration of President Obama, in his 2 mandates, managed to accomplish some results in terms of reducing cars in the streets and carbon emissions. In 3 years of presidency, the Tycoon has managed to reverse or revoke nearly 100 of them (70 + 30 still under scrutiny). (Source NY Times, link. In the article, you can access the 2 studies from a pool of Harvard Law School and Columbia Law School).


Among all of the restriction that the previous administration introduced to tackle climate change is the lift on restrictions for greenhouse gases emissions from coal power plants (source: National Geographic, link).

To understand the importance and the gravity of this decision, you might want to check this first.

Exploitation of the Arctic

19th August 2019: the Guardian publishes an article titled “Why does Donald Trump want to buy Greenland?”.

Wow! I knew that billionaires weren’t new to extravagant purchases, but Greenland?! What an ambition!
In case you were wondering, the reason why Donald Trump (but not only) is interested in buying Greenland is that it is believed that the underground is full of fossil fuels. Potentially, it won’t only provide an unthinkable reserve of fossil fuels but will also serve as a strategic location to monitor closely the archenemy of USA: Russia. (Source: the Guardian, link. I strongly advise you to read the article to see by yourself how the President speak of Greenland).

Withdrawn from the Paris Agreement

On June 1, 2017, United States President Donald Trump announced that the U.S. would cease all participation in the 2015 Paris Agreement on climate change mitigation, and begin negotiations to re-enter the agreement “on terms that are fair to the United States, its businesses, its workers, its people, its taxpayers,” or form a new agreement (Wikipedia).

This was unbelievable. The Paris Agreement, signed in 2015, was a milestone of environmental justice. It did not aim to improve the economy of countries but the health of our planet. Accordingly, there are many research showing us how we would all benefits from a cleaner and more sustainable lifestyle: assuming that the US taxpayer would be forced to do a little sacrifice, they would have got much more in return! Measure wealth with happiness, not saving accounts.

(A country must give a notice of signing out the deal 12 months before and can’t do it within 3 years of signing the deal. It seems that the USA has notified the commission on 4th November 2019, so it could possibly sign out on 4th November 2020, a day after the presidential election is USA)


I don’t want to make any populist claim and shout out loud what a bad person Donald Trump is: he probably isn’t and I am sure he acts on behalf of the nation he serves as a commander in chief. However, I strongly criticise the decision of nominating a person that in the last 4 years was in charge of the most important office of our civilization and managed to undo most of what good has been done before him in 10 years (in terms of tackling climate change and/or similar). The Nobel Prizes are an iconic achievement that each one of us should receive because of some important contribution we give to humankind. Settling a harsh conflict in a critical area of the planet while not contributing in our battle to preserve the environment (and the life of us all) does not make you worthy of being nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.

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