A niche website can’t always deliver

Clickbait articles are not for me. This website has the goal to break down complex matter into simple and funny stories.

What to do, then, when we don’t have stories?

Most of the mainstream websites have paid freelance writer who are able to recycle old stories or transform a simple event into a 2000 words article. I respect them all because I understand the financial reasons behind this decision: they need to deliver to keep up with the costs.

However, this is not the case for The Green Post: this self-financed website does not depend on income (which, at the moment, is 0). And so, to reply to the messages I received lately, I just want to clarify that the contents will be published only if they will be considered relevant and only when I will feel that it is worthy to intervene on a public debate to share my opinion with the readers.

In the meantime, I hope you will enjoy this snap of a sunset taken last week during a relaxing ride along Bournemouth beach.

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