Last Week Summary

14-20 September

Have you ever thought about how big is Mexico? According to Wikipedia, its area is approximately 1.9M km2. A pool of scientists from 17 different countries has calculated that over the last 13 years the wilderness lost worldwide is the size of the North American Country.

Read the article -> Link.

How will the world look in 100 years? The global surface temperature of the Earth is set to rise, more or less depending (hopefully) on the action we will take in the meantime. However, with an increased temperature a sea level, it is expected a rise in the mass migration worldwide.

Read the article -> Link.

In these articles, we talked about the implications of our diet on the environment. In case you missed, CarbonBrief held a webinar on 18th September with the title: “Do we need to stop to eat meat and dairy to tackle climate change?”.

Watch the webinar -> Link.

As I previously mentioned, despite the political successes, the president of the actual USA administration should not have been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. A loose on the methane emissions for the oil and gas industry is just one of the last actions that take the US back on its position on climate change.

Read the article -> Link.

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